Minimization of climatic impact on water and water-based energy systems : Special Issue in IJHCE

Title of the Special Issue: Minimization of climatic impact on water and water-based energy systems 

Journal: International Journal of Hydro Climatic Engineering

Open Access: Yes

Article Processing Charge: Zero. No publication cost.

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The special issue will publish original research articles or reviews which try to minimize the climatic impact or analyze the vulnerabilities of water and water-based energy systems to climatic abnormalities.

The issue invites new and original manuscripts for submission in the journal if the manuscript relates to the special issue.

The papers that depict the use of soft computation techniques to provide solutions for industrial, agricultural as well as domestic consumers and having a significant societal impact, will have a greater chance of selection.

Papers having UG students as one of the authors will be preferred.

Relevant Topics from which we are expecting submissions: climate change, hydropower, tidal power, wave power, hybrid energy systems, optimization, AI Applications, IoT, Early Warning Systems, Water management in the power plant, Scheduling problems, hydrology, reservoir optimization, and related.

The water-based energy systems include Hydropower, wave power, and tidal power systems.

All the articles will be peer-reviewed.

Last Date of Submission: 15th Oct 2021

Estimated Date of Publication:15th Nov 2021

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